27 Jan 2020 | Policy/Law

The Muslim Ban Turns Three

Three years ago on January 27th, Donald Trump, the newly inaugurated President of the United States, acted on his campaign promise by instituting a discriminatory ban targeting all individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries. Chaos and... read the complete article

14 Dec 2019 | Politics

It is not just the state of Myanmar that is on trial, but our collective humanity

On December 10, as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) trial of Myanmar’s genocide against Rohingya Muslims got underway, de facto state leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi sat steely eyed, impassive. The Gambia, representing a coalition of 52 Muslim majority countries, called on the Court to invoke the 1948 Genocide Convention against Myanmar. Under the Convention, which was ratified by Myanmar in 1956, states can be held accountable for failing to prevent genocide, or failure to hold perpetrators of genocide accountable.  read the complete article