The Bridge Initiative provides factsheets on a range of issues, individuals, and organizations that relate to our work on Islamophobia. Our growing repository of factsheets is a resource for journalists, educators, politicians, students, and the general public.

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Factsheet: Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy is a Canadian right-wing political commentator who became popular due to her show on The Rebel Media. Goldy uses her social media platforms to promote anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and xenophobic views while propagating the concept of ‘white genocide.’ read the complete article

Factsheet: Soldiers of Odin

The Soldiers of Odin are an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant group founded in Finland. The group has numerous chapters across North America and is known for acting as unwanted street-patrols and spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric across their social media pages. read the complete article

Factsheet: Ron Banerjee & Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Ron Banerjee is a Canadian anti-Muslim activist who has protested against religious accommodations for Muslim schoolchildren, and who organizes anti-Islam and anti-Muslims rallies throughout Canada. Banerjee steers Hindu organizations that are anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh, often in coordination with other Islamophobic groups and activists in Canada. read the complete article

FACTSHEET: Rise Canada

Rise Canada is a Canadian anti-Muslim group that works in coalition with other anti-Muslim  groups in Canada whose members have opposed religious accommodations for Muslim students in schools and a parliamentary motion condemning Islamophobia. Rise Canada’s social media accounts often post inflammatory and derogatory statements about Islam and Muslims. read the complete article

FACTSHEET: Motion-103

Motion-103 is a non-binding motion introduced by the Liberal MP Iqra Khalid in December 2016. It calls on the Canadian government to condemn Islamophobia and recognize the need to "quell the public climate of fear and hate". The motion passed in March 2017. read the complete article

FACTSHEET: Tarek Fatah

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian writer who has consistently denied the existence of Islamophobia in Canada, opposes the niqab and has called for a ban on the burqa, and is a prominent opponent of Motion 103, which called on the Canadian government to condemn Islamophobia. read the complete article


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