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The Islamophobia Resource Center (IRC) is a developing resource launched by the Bridge Initiative. A tool for academics and researchers, the IRC is a searchable collection of information on Islamophobia published by leading researchers on the topic, and hosts a wide repository of academic materials, including book chapters, journal articles, and reports. Search through our collection by country, date, keyword, topic, or format.

Islamophobia Resource Center


When Islamophobia Turns Violent: The 2016 U.S Presidential Elections

Published on 29 Nov 2016

Executive Summary This report highlights trends and patterns surrounding Islamophobia since the start of the 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle. It does so in the broader context of hatred, violence and social hostilities confronting Muslims as a minority faith group in contemporary America and with a particular focus on acts and threats of violence. Since 2015, the Bridge Initiative has been chronicling Islamophobic political rhetoric by each presidential candidate irrespective of his or her party affiliation while finding Republican candidates to be the worst offenders to date. In this publication, however, we aim to contextualize such statements nationally and internationally while also exploring potentially violent effects. To that end, we examined two distinct but overlapping time periods: January 2015 through December 2015 (entire duration of 2015) and March 2015 through March 2016 (2016 presidential election season). Based upon our analysis, the following observations are noteworthy: The 2016 U.S. presidential season... read the complete article


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