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Tue Jan 18

Huffington Post | Senior White House Adviser Once Said ‘True’ Muslims Can’t ‘Coexist’ With ‘Other Faiths’

Bridge Director John L. Esposito was quoted in a January 23 article by Huffington Post on Senior White House adviser Frank Wuco. Wuco was quoted as saying “true Muslims can’t coexist with other faiths’. In response,... read the complete article

Wed Jan 18

The reason why Russia is so invested in Austria’s far-right shift

Bridge Senior Researcher Farid Hafez was quoted in a January 24 article by Think Progress on Russia’s investment in Austria’s far- right shift. “As a major power, Russia is interested in a weak European Union.... read the complete article

Fri Feb 18

A conversation on why Catholics need to dialogue with Muslims

Bridge Associate Jordan Duffner contributed to an article on February 2 by The Jesuit Review for their article titled “A conversation on why Catholics need to dialogue with Muslims”. Jordan’s work centers Muslim- Christian understanding,... read the complete article

Thu Feb 18

Hyatt Hotel Says It Will Host Anti-Muslim Hate Group’s Conference

Bridge Associate Director Dr Tamara Sonn was quoted on February 15 by Huffington Post in an article on Hyatt Hotel hosting an anti- Muslim conference. When asked, Dr Tamara Sonn had this to say: “Escalating... read the complete article

Fri Feb 18

Experts Talk Muslim Ban, Islamophobia in Trump Era

Bridge Senior Fellow Arsalan Iftikhar was part of a chat with Shoba Wahdia on the Muslim Ban and Islamophobia in the Trump era. The event was organized by The Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University and... read the complete article

Mon Apr 18

Is Austria’s far-right FPO losing support amid Nazi scandals?

Bridge Senior Research Fellow Farid Hafez commented on Austria’s rising far- right parties on Al Jazeera on April 2.  Farid explained that the FPO’s latest spate of scandals highlights its failure to convincingly shed its... read the complete article


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