13 Jul 2021 | Law Enforcement

Factsheet: Islam, Immigration, and the American Courts

The Naturalization Era (1790–1952) was a defining period for immigration and conceptualizations of citizenship in the United States. During this era, Muslim immigration and naturalization were limited by laws that barred or severely restricted immigration from Muslim-majority areas of the world and court rulings that reserved naturalization rights for white individuals. read the complete article

30 Jul 2019

Religious freedom for whom? Islamophobia at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom

Earlier this month, the State Department hosted its second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Under the leadership of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, the Ministerial made sweeping calls for the protection of religious freedoms worldwide. Behind these lofty ideals, however, lurked a troubling reality: the conveners of the Ministerial have a long history of denigrating Islam and infringing on the civil rights of Muslims.  read the complete article

16 Sep 2016 | Individuals

Factsheet: Steve Bannon

As the head of Breitbart, Steve Bannon provided a platform for stereotypes and falsified information about Muslims. Bannon’s appointment to chief strategist in the Trump administration resulted in the promotion of anti-Muslim policies, most notably the Muslim Ban.   read the complete article