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12 Jul 2019

Today in Islamophobia: The German government classifies the Identitarian Movement as “extreme right.” In Australia, a new study finds Muslim immigrants are still facing barriers to employment, despite having good English skills. In the United States, four Yemeni children separated from their parents by Trump’s Muslim ban finally reunite. Meanwhile, Myanmar continues to deny its troops carried out ethnic cleansing as there’s still no sign the 700,000 Rohingyas who fled will be able to return. China defends it’s concentration camps detaining millions of Uighur Muslims, claiming the region is “happy” and “secure.” Our recommended read of the day remembers the Srebrenica genocide and warns that current European leaders have not learned from the region’s past as they continue to fan the flames of populism, deliberately invoking and exploiting divisions within society. This, and more, below:


12 Jul 2019

Twenty-four years after the Srebrenica massacre, our leaders haven’t learned its lessons | Recommended Read

Today is Srebrenica Memorial Day. It marks 24 years since over 8,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered as part of a deliberate, systematic strategy to destroy or forcibly remove Muslim communities from parts of Bosnia. The massacre in Srebrenica 24 years ago was first and foremost a crime against Bosnia’s Muslim community; it was also a crime against refugees. read the complete article

Our recommended read of the day


12 Jul 2019

A Muslim Boycott of China Can End Muslim Concentration Camps

Banning Islam, destroying mosques, and establishing a network of concentration camps are the malicious means in which Beijing is literally making 12 million Muslims in Xinjiang disappear, with widespread accounts of systematic torture, rape, forced sterilization programs, forced marriages of Uyghur women to Han Chinese men, forced adoptions of Uighur children to Han Chinese families, and public executions, alongside evidence pointing to the harvesting of live organs. read the complete article

12 Jul 2019

Follow our model for 'happy' Xinjiang, China tells West

China said on Thursday its treatment of ethnic Muslims in “happy” and “secure” Xinjiang region was a model for other nations to follow despite a bombardment of Western criticism. Chinese diplomat Jiang Duan told the council on Thursday a few hypocritical Western nations were distorting facts to smear Beijing over what it describes as vocational training centers in Xinjiang intended to combat extremism and provide new skills. read the complete article


12 Jul 2019

Myanmar: No homecoming for Rohingyas

In Myanmar’s Rakhine state, hundreds of new houses have been handed over to families displaced by the violence of the Rohingya crisis in 2017. But none of the homes were for the Muslim minority group. Almost two years on, there’s no sign the 700,000 Rohingyas who fled across the border to Bangladesh will be returning soon. read the complete article

United States

12 Jul 2019

Yemeni Family Reunited After Being Separated By Trump Administration's Travel Ban

Four Yemeni children separated from their parents by the Trump administration's travel ban reunited in Michigan. They're originally from Yemen, and the Trump administration's travel ban had separated the parents from the children. The mother and father were back in Djibouti while their children were here in the U.S. NPR's Leila Fadel saw them brought back together this week. read the complete article

12 Jul 2019

Trump Welcomes Conservative, Far-Right Social Media Personalities To The White House

The president is hosting social media bloggers whom the White House claims face discrimination online because of their conservative views. But some of the invitees are far-right conspiracy theorists. Officially, the event was depicted as a forum for digital leaders and the opportunities of social media. But it was, essentially, a gathering of Trump supporters who say the social media giants are silencing them, are making it hard to find their content because they're manipulating algorithms. read the complete article

New Zealand

12 Jul 2019

How Muslim women break stereotypes by mixing faith and modesty with fashion

This is a longstanding controversy around the Muslim veil. Is it a tool for oppressing women or can it also carry other meanings? Our explorative research, based on interviews with young Muslim women living in a New Zealand city, shows how they use their everyday lives and identity to change stereotypes of oppression. read the complete article


12 Jul 2019

Even with good English skills, Muslim migrants say they can’t land jobs in Australia

A new study has found migrants from Muslim backgrounds in Australia are still facing significant barriers to employment, despite having good English language skills. A new study from Deakin University is shedding some light on why highly qualified migrants like Mr Karimi are having trouble breaking into the job market. The study found the education levels of Muslim migrants improve when they have higher English skills. However, their employment prospects do not. read the complete article


12 Jul 2019

Malaysians ask China to free Uyghurs, close the camps

After the 2009 protests, China started abducting the Uyghur youth and no one knows where the missing went. Its been 10 years since that horrifying incident and the condition of Muslims have devolved in a genocidal nightmare. read the complete article


12 Jul 2019

Elghawaby and Farber: Quebec's Bill 21 shows why we fear the tyranny of the majority

Late last month, Quebec passed legislation, Bill 21, that would limit the wearing of religious clothing by various public sector workers, including teachers, police officers, lawyers and judges. By passing the law despite protests and promises of civil disobedience, the government has demonstrated how we are all correct to fear the tyranny of the majority. read the complete article


12 Jul 2019

Germany steps-up monitoring of "extreme right" Identitarian Movement

The German domestic intelligence agency said Thursday it is stepping up observation of the far-rightIdentitarian Movement in Germany, a group that campaigns against immigrants and Islam. The agency, known by its German acronym BfV, said after two years of investigating the group it has concluded that it has "passed beyond the stage of suspicion" and "is now classified as a verified extreme right movement. read the complete article

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