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30 Sep 2019

Today in IslamophobiaA Uighur scholar faces execution in Xinjiang, as Malaysia’s Mahathir tells the UNGA China might be “too powerful to censure on the Uighur issue.” The recently released European Islamophobia Report 2018 shows that anti-Muslim racism in Europe is on the rise. Our recommended read for today is by Luke Hunt titled “A very different Chinese Republic turns 70.” This, and more, below:


30 Sep 2019

A very different Chinese republic turns 70 | Recommended Read

Seventy years ago, Chinese communists ended a long-running civil war with victory over the Kuomintang, charted a course that secured China's borders but turned the country inside out and wrought havoc across the region as successive leaders sought to impose their will.The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution — with chairman Mao Zedong at the helm of the People's Republic of China (PRC), which is today celebrating its 70th anniversary — would claim many millions of lives while his power plays throughout the Cold War would cost millions more. read the complete article

Our recommended read of the day
30 Sep 2019

A Uighur scholar facing potential execution is one of over a million detained by China

Tashpolat Tiyip, 61, is one of more than a million Uighurs who have been arbitrarily detained and sent to incarceration camps for political reeducation in the name of “countering extremism,” according to human rights groups and scholars. A U.N. human rights panel likened the northwestern province of Xinjiang to a “massive internment camp shrouded in secrecy,” saying China was treating Uighurs and other minorities as enemies of the state based solely on their ethnicity and religion. read the complete article

30 Sep 2019

Opinion | October Should Scare China Investors

Do not doubt the possibility of sanctions against at least one publicly traded China stock, namely Hikvision, makers of surveillance cameras used in detention camps holding Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Hikvision’s A-shares continue to rise this past month despite noise from Washington that it’s a bad actor. The Shenzhen listed stock is even outperforming the Deutsche X-Trackers China CSI-300 A-shares (ASHR) exchange traded fund this month and is up 29.4% year-to-date ending September 30. The Hong Kong imbroglio means President Trump will be hard pressed to do any deal of any substance. This is especially true if a trade deal involves Congress. read the complete article

30 Sep 2019

Malaysia’s Mahathir thinks China is too powerful to censure on Uygur issue

Malaysia’s efforts to make Muslim solidarity a central pillar of its foreign policy have led to questions on whether the nation is engaging in selective humanitarian criticism, following Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s admission that China was too “powerful” to censure over the Uygur issue. During the United Nations General Assembly last week Mahathir trained his sights on Israel, saying that its creation by seizing Palestinian land was “the origin of terrorism” and had negatively impacted Muslims globally. read the complete article

30 Sep 2019

China’s new 500-megapixel ‘super camera’ can instantly recognize you in a crowd

The “super camera” is also said to have the ability to shoot panoramic photos with a clear image of every single human face, something that can be put to use in extremely crowded public spots. The facial recognition system has been designed keeping national defense, military and public security in mind, the report said, adding it could “serve as a watchdog at military bases, satellite launch bases and national borders to prevent suspicious people and objects from entering or exiting.” read the complete article


30 Sep 2019

Anti-Muslim racism in Europe on rise in 2018: Report

Islamophobic incidents rose across Europe due to the increase in far-right movements' influence, according to a report by an Ankara-based think tank. "European Islamophobia Report 2018," released recently by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), focused in detail on the underlying dynamics that directly or indirectly support the rise of anti-Muslim racism in Europe. The report shed light on "Islamophobic terrorism and the impact of anti-Muslim discourse upon human rights, multiculturalism, and the state of law in Europe". read the complete article

30 Sep 2019

'Large increase in anti-Bosnian, anti-Muslim bigotry': Report

Islamophobic rhetoric at the political level, which at its peak in the 1990s Bosnian War played a significant role in the massacre of thousands of Bosniak Muslims, is once again being used by Serbian and Croatian politicians - including those of Bosnian background - with dangerous aims, according to a new report. Prior to and during the 1992 -1995 conflict, divisive and dehumanising language was used with the hope of splitting the country into "Greater Croatia" and "Greater Serbia". According to the European Islamophobia Report 2018, which was published by the Ankara-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research think tank on Friday, politicians and some sections of the media are today attempting to falsely present Bosnia as a "radical Muslim haven" in order to undermine the country - again with the aim of dividing it territorially. read the complete article


30 Sep 2019

Senior US official issues strong new warning to Myanmar on Rohingya amid growing concern about refugees' future

The United States' top official for foreign aid issued a firm and emotional warning Thursday to Myanmar about the lack of progress over how it treats the Rohingya and other ethnic minority groups. Two years after violent attacks by Myanmar security forces and local militias against the Muslim ethnic minority killed thousands and sent more than 750,000 across the border as refugees, little has changed on the ground in Myanmar's northwest Rakhine state. Critics say it's because the U.S., the United Nations and others have not done enough to pressure the government. "They're not on the right path and a democratic journey, and I worry a great deal," Mark Green, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, told ABC News in an interview. read the complete article


30 Sep 2019

Pakistan's Khan warns of 'bloodbath' when Kashmir curfew lifted

Khan made the remarks in an impassioned speech to the annual United Nations General Assembly after India last month removed the decades-old autonomy in the part of Kashmir it controls and detained thousands of people. "If this goes wrong, you hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst," Khan said. read the complete article

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