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27 Sep 2019

Today in IslamophobiaAs the U.S steps up pressure on China over its treatment of Muslims, Bangladesh moves to install fences around Rohingya camps. A Muslim woman sues a Virginia company over allegations of religious discrimination. Our recommended read today is by Murtaza Hussain on Kashmir, and the looming threat of a Indo-Pak conflict. This, and more, below: 


27 Sep 2019

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Stepping Away From a Disastrous War Over Kashmir | Recommended Read

The conflict at its heart continues to revolve around the political future of Kashmiris themselves: the issue of voting for their own self-determination. Various proposals have been laid out in the past for how a vote could work. Kashmir is divided into several regions, including the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley and Jammu, which today is majority Hindu. A plebiscite vote that gave local people the option to either seek independence or join one of the two neighboring countries would prevent any majoritarian solution from being forced on minorities. It would also give both India and Pakistan some stake in the final outcome and remove the main irritant in their troubled seven-decade relationship. read the complete article

Our recommended read of the day
27 Sep 2019

In Kashmir, Modi Is Failing Both Muslims and Hindus

As Modi met the group, he told them in Hindi: “Mein laga hua hun,” which translates to “I am at it.” Modi was reiterating the long-held promise of his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to facilitate the return of the Pandits. But the continued lockdown and communication blackout imposed in the valley since Aug. 5 is fueling anger among the local Kashmiri Muslim population. The jingoistic coverage of Kashmir on mainstream television debates in India and extreme narratives on social media are creating an impression that the revocation amounts to revenge exacted by New Delhi for the brutalization of the Pandits. Put together, the current political circumstances are creating a deeper wedge between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir. The result is that the return of the Pandits remains a distant dream—and the hope for peace elusive in a region that has been a flash point between India and Pakistan for more than seven decades. read the complete article


27 Sep 2019

Religion has nothing to do with terrorism, says Imran Khan days after Donald Trump's 'Islamic terrorism' remark

"The prime minister rejected attempts to equate Islam with terrorism, noting that such self-serving approaches were dangerous and therefore should be eschewed," his office said. Noting that there is growing discrimination and violence based on faith and belief, Khan said that religion has no link to terrorism and instead "marginalisation of communities leads to radicalisation," Dawn reported. Khan also cautioned against the denigration of revered Muslim personalities under the guise of "freedom of expression and opinion," the paper reported. "The world must understand Muslim sensitivities for Islam and the reverence for Prophet Muhammad," he said, apparently referring to the competition for cartoons in Europe depicting revered Muslim figures. read the complete article

United States

27 Sep 2019

Muslim woman sues Virginia company, says they didn't hire her over prayer breaks

A Muslim woman is suing a northern Virginia company, claiming that it was about to hire her, but abruptly showed her the door after she asked for prayer breaks during the work day. Shahin Indorewala, in a federal lawsuit filed in Alexandria, says she applied for a junior management position at Fast Track Management Inc., a marketing company, in September of last year. She was brought back for a second interview by an assistant manager who went as far as explaining benefits and schedules — which include a two-hour daily lunch break. read the complete article

27 Sep 2019

US steps up pressure on China over treatment of Muslims

The U.S. State Department hosted a panel Tuesday (Sept. 24) on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly gathering in New York to highlight the struggle of Uighurs, whose native land in China’s far western Xinjiang province they say is a police state. Three Uighurs recounted how the Chinese have placed their brethren in “reeducation camps,” forced them to live with minders — or spies — in their homes, and surveilled and harassed them both at home and abroad in an attempt to eradicate their way of life and enforce their silence. “China’s at war with faith,” said Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. He noted that American concerns extend beyond the predominantly Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uighurs to Tibetans, Christians and the banned spiritual movement known as Falun Gong. read the complete article

United Kingdom

27 Sep 2019

Opinion | The Tories are about to launch an empty investigation into Islamophobia – don't fall for their meaningless promises

Indeed, all parties must strive to repudiate bigotry, and our ruling party should be no different. Indeed, we currently have a Conservative prime minister who previously described black people as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”. As home secretary Theresa May deemed it appropriate not to oppose vans driving around with the words “Go Home” plastered on them. Her successor, Amber Rudd, oversaw the Windrush scandal in which African Caribbean people who had made the UK their home for more than half a century were wrongly deported – and yet she still regained her seat in the Cabinet. But the party has an even bigger problem with a particular type of racism: Islamophobia. read the complete article


27 Sep 2019

Bangladesh to install fences around Rohingya refugee camps

In recent months, more than 40 Rohingya have been killed amid concerns that some refugees are involved in smuggling illegal drugs from Myanmar. At least five Rohingya have been killed in recent weeks in what police described as shootouts between suspected Rohingya criminals and law enforcers. The government is investigating allegations against some middlemen and officials of the national identity card and passport authority of making fake documents for Rohingya in exchange for bribes. Police have arrested several people and say many Rohingya are desperate to go abroad using Bangladeshi passports. read the complete article

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