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31 Oct 2019

Today in IslamophobiaMuslim headscarf debate divides France, as India uses Facebook to spread anti-Muslim hatred. The U.K joins 22 other countries in condemning China’s treatment of the Uighurs. Our recommended read today is from France on the right wing thinker fueling France’s “identity wars.” This, and more, below:


31 Oct 2019

How right-wing thinker Eric Zemmour is fuelling France’s identity wars | Recommended Read

The attacker, Claude Sinké, 84, who admitted shooting them, is a white man who in 2015 ran as a candidate for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in regional elections and was known in his village for his xenophobic and homophobic views, and for owning guns. read the complete article

Our recommended read today
31 Oct 2019

Muslim headscarf debate divides France, in climate of hate

But today's uproar illustrates the growing unease — even contempt — by some sectors of society toward those Muslims seen as failing to join the French melting pot. Such views aren't limited to the far right: The conservative-led Senate approved a bill Tuesday banning mothers from wearing headscarves on school field trips, and a survey by the Ifop polling firm published Sunday suggested that eight out of 10 French think secularism is in danger. Some contend this shows the normalization of Islamophobia in France. read the complete article

31 Oct 2019

French move to extend ban on religious symbols sparks fears of 'radical' secularism

Weeks after a far-right politician unleashed controversy by asking a woman accompanying children to remove her veil, the Senate on Tuesday approved an amendment that would extend a ban on wearing religious symbols to those supervising school trips. Some say French secularism is becoming too extreme, while others believe it is being used to shroud Islamophobia. read the complete article


31 Oct 2019

China warns Australia to not strain relations over human rights criticism

During a foreign policy speech in Sydney on Tuesday, Senator Payne said Australia would continue to advocate for democracy and human rights in China, adding that staying quiet on sensitive issues was not in the national interest. read the complete article

31 Oct 2019

‘We are not Muslim-hating Nazis’: Far-right EU MEPs visit Kashmir and endorse Modi

The MEPs told reporters they were not the “Muslim-hating Nazis” they had been projected as in media coverage of the trip, which critics have dismissed as a PR stunt ahead of the controversial formal retraction of the region’s statehood on Thursday. After meeting Narendra Modi on Monday and touring parts of Srinagar under a heavy-armed escort on Tuesday, the MEPs said they would take back their findings with a view to issuing a resolution in the European parliament. The EU has distanced itself from the visit, saying each politician was acting in a private capacity. read the complete article

31 Oct 2019

UK joins 22 other UN nations in condemning China’s detention of Uighur Muslims

The UK has led 22 other countries at the United Nations (UN) in condemning China over the country’s detention of Muslims. The group strongly criticised Beijing in a joint statement. Karen Pierce, the UK’s UN ambassador, delivered the statement to the 193-member organisation’s human rights committee. Other supporters included Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan. “We call on the Chinese government to uphold its national laws and international obligations and commitments to respect human rights, including freedom of religion or belief, in Xinjiang and across China,” Ms Pierce said. read the complete article


31 Oct 2019

India using Facebook to spread ‘anti-Muslim’ hate speech: US-based rights group

According to the US-based non-profit rights group Avaaz, there has been widespread abuse online against religious and ethnic minorities, especially in particular against Bengali Muslims, who have been labeled ‘criminals', ‘rapists', ‘terrorists', ‘pigs' and ‘dogs'. read the complete article

31 Oct 2019

Outrage over right-wing Euro-MPs' Kashmir visit

A group of largely right-wing European parliamentarians (MEPs) have visited Indian-administered Kashmir, prompting outrage from local politicians who have not been allowed to go. The visit has been criticised as nothing more than a PR stunt. This was the first international delegation to visit the region since August, when India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stripped the state of its autonomy, splitting it into two federally run territories and locking it down for weeks. read the complete article


31 Oct 2019

Germany is bolstering its fight against right-wing extremism, following high-profile killings

The German cabinet has approved new measures to fight right-wing political violence, including tougher rules on gun ownership and stricter monitoring of hate speech online, responding to a rise in hate crime by militant extremists. The new rules oblige online platforms and social media companies to inform security agencies and police about hate content. If authorities suspect that crimes such as incitement have been committed, the platforms are required to disclose the offender's IP address. The Government also wants to make it illegal to sell guns to members of extremist groups monitored by security agencies. read the complete article

Bosnia and Herzegovina

31 Oct 2019

Bosnian Serb ex-soldier jailed for 20 years for burning 57 Muslim civilians

A Bosnian court jailed a former Bosnian Serb soldier for 20 years on Wednesday for setting ablaze 57 Muslim Bosniaks, of whom 26 including a two-day-old baby died, near the eastern town of Visegrad early in Bosnia’s 1992-95 war. read the complete article

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