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15 Oct 2020

Today in Islamophobia: Joe Biden says Muslims will serve ‘at every level’ in his administration. Writing for Al Jazeera, Jihan Abdalla argues the Muslim vote might carry “outsize weight” in the U.S elections. Our recommended read of the day is by Fahad Ahmad and Tarek Younis on the “Caliphate” podcast, and what its fallout says about the extent of Islamophobia. This, and more, below:


15 Oct 2020

‘Caliphate’ podcast and its fallout reveal the extent of Islamophobia | Recommended Read

On Sept. 25, the RCMP arrested Shehroze Chaudhry, a Muslim man, for allegedly fabricating his affiliation with the Islamic State group (ISIS). Chaudhry — popularly referred to by his supposed nom de guerre, Abu Huzayfah — had been the subject of numerous news stories since 2017. Most notably, in 2018, Chaudhry was the focus of Rukmini Callimachi’s award-winning New York Times podcast, Caliphate. In it Chaudhry provided graphic details of his role within ISIS, the veracity of which is now being questioned. Chaudhry had previously been interrogated about his involvement with ISIS by Canadian national security agencies but was not charged. Nevertheless, Callimachi’s misleading reporting at the Times prompted debates in Parliament, raising fears about an “ISIS terrorist” and “despicable animal … freely walking the streets of Toronto.” read the complete article

United States

15 Oct 2020

The Trump Administration Is Using an Under-the-Radar Tactic to Suppress Votes

The Administration has been engaged in the systematic crackdown on immigrants of color since Trump took office. These efforts paint naturalized citizens like me as second-class, and with the Department of Justice’s creation of a Denaturalization Section, it is likely to get far worse. To understand the full scope of what’s happening, it’s critical to understand the history of denaturalization. Between 1960 and 2000, cases of denaturalization were rarely filed and were applied to alleged Nazis and war criminals. But things have changed with the digitization of immigration files from the 1990s — cases from 30 years ago can be brought under investigation and petitioned for denaturalization. In revocation of one’s citizenship through a civil proceeding, the person is not afforded the right to counsel, right to a jury trial or a statute of limitations. read the complete article

15 Oct 2020

Joe Biden says Muslims would serve 'at every level' in his administration

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed that his administration would reflect the diversity of America "with Muslim Americans serving at every level", reiterating his pledge to repeal President Donald Trump's "Muslim ban" on his first day in office. In a video message to Muslim Advocates, a civil rights organisation, Biden emphasised on Wednesday his message of unity against hate and bigotry. "Today, trust is ebbing; hope seems elusive. Instead of healing, we're being ripped apart," Biden said. "And I refuse to let that happen. We have too bright a future to leave it shipwrecked on the shoals of anger and division." As a candidate, Trump had vowed to impose a "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the United States - a promise that critics say he put into action when he imposed a travel ban on several Muslim-majority counties early in his presidency. read the complete article

15 Oct 2020

Muslim American votes may carry outsize weight in US election

There are an estimated 3.45 million Muslims in the US – only about one percent of the country’s total population – but their concentrations in key swing and battleground states, such as Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, could make their vote especially impactful. The stakes are particularly high in Michigan, a state with 270,000 registered Muslim voters, says Mohamed Gula, organising director of Emgage, a Muslim American advocacy group. Hillary Clinton, in 2016, lost the state to Trump by less than one percentage point – a little over 10,000 votes. read the complete article

15 Oct 2020

Joe Biden to Address American Muslims at Muslims Making Change: National Honors on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 7 PM ET, Muslim Advocates will host the Muslims Making Change: National Honors ceremony—featuring a special address to American Muslims from former Vice President Joe Biden. The free, virtual event will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Muslim Advocates’ founding and honor American Muslims who have made a positive impact on their communities on the defining issues of 2020, including racial justice, civic engagement and COVID relief. Honorees include the family of a Black Muslim man killed by police officers in Arizona, an advocate for meatpacking plant workers in South Dakota, and a voting rights advocates in Georgia read the complete article

15 Oct 2020

When cops abuse social media, the results are explosive: “One post can become a movement”

Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Obayashi, who has developed the state’s first training course for officers on personal social media and has investigated multiple instances of online misconduct, said offending officers are often surprised by the uproar. “When I do these investigations, I get these excuses all the time, ‘No, I’m not racist, it’s funny,’” Obayashi said. “There is no excuse. There is no justification. What circumstances can you come up with to justify such postings? There aren’t any, and that’s why chiefs and sheriffs are tearing their hair out.” read the complete article


15 Oct 2020

Indian TV ad showing Hindu-Muslim couple pulled after rightwing backlash

But on Tuesday, just days after the 45-second advertisement aired, the Tanishq jewellery brand withdrew it from TV channels and its social media platforms following accusations from Hindu nationalists, including members of Narendra Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata party. Objectors said the advert promoted “love jihad”, a conspiracy theory of radical Hindu groups who accuse Muslim men of converting Hindu women by marriage. read the complete article

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