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14 Jan 2020

Today in Islamophobia: U.S President tweets doctored images of Dem leaders in Muslim garb, as Microsoft’s CEO speaks out against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act. Writing for NBC, Bridge Senior Research Fellow Arsalan Iftikhar traces the regional rise of Islamophobia in Asia. Our recommended read today is by Mukul Kesavan on the BJP’s targeting of Muslims and their allies in India. This, and more, below:


14 Jan 2020

Opinion | The attacks on two Delhi universities reveal Modi’s targets: Muslims and their allies | Recommended Read

The Delhi police was the common factor in the two assaults, in the first instance as perpetrator and in the second as auxiliary. The force reports to the home affairs minister, Amit Shah, prime minister Narendra Modi’s right-hand man. Jamia and JNU are centrally funded universities that have attracted the violent displeasure of Modi’s government for different but related reasons. Taken together, these reasons define the ruling Bharatiya Janata party’s majoritarian project – its reason for being. read the complete article

Our recommended read for the day
14 Jan 2020

India's new anti-Muslim law shows the broad allure of right-wing Islamophobic policies

Just like millions of Donald Trump supporters howl about building border walls to keep so-called illegal immigrants out of America, right-wing Hindu nationalists in India, proponents of the Hindutva ideology, have alleged for decades that there are millions of illegal Muslim economic migrants (predominantly of Bangladeshi origin) living and working across India. And now, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to take Assam's decades-long campaign of anti-Muslim discrimination disguised as a populist project nationwide, requiring over 200 million Indian Muslims to prove their Indianness or face being rendered stateless. read the complete article

14 Jan 2020

Microsoft boss calls India's new citizenship law 'sad'

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has spoken out about India's controversial new citizenship law. The India-born executive said what is happening is "sad" and he would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant succeed in the country's technology industry. read the complete article

14 Jan 2020

India’s first-time protesters: Mothers and grandmothers stage weeks-long sit-in against citizenship law

Khatun, 28, is a mother of three who rarely leaves her neighborhood in southeast Delhi. Now she is one of a few hundred Muslim women — including grandmothers and children — who have occupied this stretch of road for a month, undeterred by rain, cold or threats, as a sign of opposition to a new law that excludes Muslim migrants from a fast-track to citizenship. read the complete article

14 Jan 2020

India Is Abandoning Fundamental Rights, Say US Human Rights Lawyers

In a statement, a group of human and civil rights lawyers of South Asian descent have expressed grave concerns about “ongoing legal abuses and human rights atrocities” in India. Their statement covers the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and National Register of Citizens, and the way protests against the two have been cracked down on by the government, as well as the Central governments actions in Kashmir. read the complete article


14 Jan 2020

Six Ways You Can Help Uyghur Muslims in China, Right Now

After doing some research and speaking to some Uyghur activists, I was inspired to put together a list of practical, accessible ways in which we can help the Uyghur Muslims, as well as raise awareness. read the complete article

United States

14 Jan 2020

Why Trump's photoshopped Pelosi tweet reveals his true nature

Unless you are deeply obtuse, you get the point: Donald Trump is suggesting -- to his nearly 71 million followers -- that the two top Democrats in Congress are in league somehow with the Iranian regime. Presumably, Trump believes that to be the case because both Pelosi and Schumer have pushed for the administration to offer more detailed information about the supposed "imminent" threat posed by Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani which led to the US military's killing of him by drone strike earlier this month. read the complete article

14 Jan 2020

Opinion | Trump retweeted Pelosi in Muslim garb. The White House made it worse.

After President Trump retweeted a doctored image of Democratic leaders dressed in Islamic garb, the White House offered a curious justification: Trump retweeted that image to send the message that Democrats are on the side of terrorists. read the complete article

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