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21 Jun 2019

Today in Islamophobia: The investigation continues in to hundreds of police officers’ hateful social media presence; the man accused of defacing a Brooklyn school with anti-Muslim graffiti caught. Learn five quick things Americans can do for the Uyghurs. Our recommended listen for today is a broadcast from “HEAR: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance”on the parallels between the policies of forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II and current immigration policy. This, and more, below:

United States

21 Jun 2019

From exclusion of Japanese Americans to the Muslim ban, lawyers speak out against exclusion | Recommended Listen

As part of our series "HEAR: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance," we spoke with a panel of attorneys about the policies that led to the forced removal and incarceration of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II, and how current immigration policies mirror them. How are activists and attorneys mobilizing to end the travel ban, immigration detention, and other hardline anti-immigration policies. read the complete article

Our recommended listen of the day
21 Jun 2019

Man Accused of Anti-Muslim Graffiti on Brooklyn Elementary School Caught By Police

Alan Tatten, of Sheepshead Bay, was charged with aggravated harassment and criminal mischief for allegedly writing the anti-Muslim rhetoric on several entrance doors to P.S. 52 — which has a large Arab student population. read the complete article

21 Jun 2019

'Ramy' Star-Creator: Why Being "First" Muslim-American Comedy Comes With Baggage

About a year ago, as I was leaving prayers, a middle-aged man firmly grabbed me by the arm. I didn't know who he was, and before I could ask, he started yelling. "You're the comedian," he exclaimed. "I saw you on Colbert. Mashallah, habibi! I heard you're making a show. Finally someone will make us look good. Everything about us out there, it's so bad. They don't know who we are! Make us proud, habibi. We're counting on you. You're the first." read the complete article

21 Jun 2019

Islamophobia pervades U.S. police officers' Facebook accounts

The day Craig Stephen Hicks was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for killing three of his Muslim-American neighbors in North Carolina over what he initially claimed to police to be over a "an ongoing neighbor dispute over parking," the Chapel Hill Police Department finally disputed his characterization. It took them over four and a half years to change their initial stance. read the complete article


21 Jun 2019

World Refugee Day: Must-Watch Documentaries

As the number of refugees increases, the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment has risen along with it. Across the Western world, right-wing political rhetoric has found a new home. Meanwhile, in host countries across the world, communities of refugees are working to make new lives in different places. read the complete article


21 Jun 2019

5 quick things Americans can do for Uyghurs Chinese

I decided to do something this time around; I got in touch with an Uyghur community near my residence to see how an individual could help. It started at a Turkic restaurant, and from there, I have been involved in whatever capacity I am able. Through this effort, I got in touch with a Turkic professor in Turkey who has students stranded as they are cut off from contacting family back in Xinjiang. read the complete article

21 Jun 2019

Video | Faith in ruins: China's vanishing beards and mosques

The BBC has found new evidence of the increasing control and suppression of Islam in China's far western region of Xinjiang – including the widespread destruction of mosques. Authorities provided rare access to religious sites and senior Islamic officials to support their claim that their policies only target violent religious extremism, not faith itself. read the complete article

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