18 Sep 2020 | Organizations

Factsheet: Gates of Vienna

IMPACT: Gates of Vienna is an international far-right, anti-Muslim blogging website established in 2004 by the United States-based blogger Edward S. May and his wife. The website features the work of hard-line anti-Muslim writers and... read the complete article

17 Sep 2020 | Organizations


IMPACT: The self-described “Counter-Jihad Movement” (CJM) is a network of European and North American anti-Muslim movements, institutions, political parties, authors, bloggers, and activists who claim that ‘Western civilization’ is “under attack” by Islam. While CJM... read the complete article

16 Jul 2020 | Individuals

Factsheet: Louie Gohmert

IMPACT: Louie Gohmert is a Republican representative from Texas with a long history of anti-Muslim rhetoric, including claims that “terror babies” were being raised to destroy the American “way of life.” Gohmert has connections with... read the complete article