13 Jul 2021 | Law Enforcement

Factsheet: Islam, Immigration, and the American Courts

The Naturalization Era (1790–1952) was a defining period for immigration and conceptualizations of citizenship in the United States. During this era, Muslim immigration and naturalization were limited by laws that barred or severely restricted immigration from Muslim-majority areas of the world and court rulings that reserved naturalization rights for white individuals. read the complete article

27 May 2021 | Terms/Tropes

Factsheet: Unaccompanied Minor Children (Los MENAs)

MENAs (Menor Extranjero no Acompañado, or “Unaccompanied Foreign Minors”) is the term used to describe minors (under the age of eighteen) who arrive in Spain with no parents or guardians. The children come primarily from North Africa and are predominately Muslim. In recent years, right-wing politicians and groups in Spain have targeted and stigmatized them by employing anti-Muslim tropes.  read the complete article

27 May 2021 | Terms/Tropes

Factsheet: Menor Extranjero no Acompañando (Los MENAs)

España se ha convertido en un país receptor de emigrantes. Entre estos emigrantes también hay menores de edad que no tienen referencias personales en España. Son los denominados MENA (Menor Extranjero no Acompañado). Se trata de menores de 18 años procedentes en su mayor parte del Norte de África y por lo tanto musulmanes. En los últimos años, los MENA han sido objeto de crítica por parte de algunos sectores de la sociedad española. read the complete article

19 May 2021 | Organizations

Factsheet: Quilliam

The Quilliam Foundation is a “counter-extremism” think-tank that has worked with a number of individuals and organizations that promote anti-Muslim views. The organization has called for tougher action on “non-violent extremism” and supports CVE policies, which many civil rights organizations state are based on faulty science and only seek to criminalize and securitize Muslims. read the complete article

07 May 2021 | Individuals

Factsheet: Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is a British anti-Muslim and anti-immigration activist. A co-founder of the racist English Defense League, Robinson believes Islam is a “disease” and Muslims are invading Europe. He has been connected to trans-national anti-Muslim activists and organizations, including PEGIDA. Robinson has had numerous criminal convictions and is currently serving time in jail. read the complete article

29 Mar 2021 | Individuals

FACTSHEET: Elham Manea

IMPACT: Elham Manea is a Yemeni Swiss political scientist, writer, and activist based in Switzerland. Manea has served as an advisor to several governments, including Austria, on issues related to the surveillance and criminalization of... read the complete article

18 Mar 2021 | Individuals

Factsheet: Tomi Lahren

IMPACT: Tomi Lahren is a conservative American talk show host and political commentator. Lahren has hosted segments on One America News Network, TheBlaze, and Fox Nation. She issues commentary through her Twitter account, where she... read the complete article