24 Feb 2021 | Individuals

Factsheet: Andrew Bolt

IMPACT: Andrew Bolt is a leading Australian journalist, columnist, commentator, and political blogger. Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and the Advertiser. In his pieces, Bolt has promoted anti-immigrant, anti-Aboriginal, and anti-Muslim views.... read the complete article

24 Feb 2021 | Individuals


IMPACT: Scott Morrison is the current prime minister of Australia. He has called for tightening Australia’s immigration policies, for Christian refugees to be prioritized over Muslim refugees and portrayed asylum seekers who arrive by boat... read the complete article

19 Nov 2019 | Politics

Factsheet: Cronulla Riots

IMPACT: The Cronulla riots in December 2005 marked one of the most significant race riots in Australian history. Anglo-Australian youth targeted individuals of Middle Eastern background while displaying and voicing racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim rhetoric. ... read the complete article

19 Nov 2019 | Policy/Law

Factsheet: Anti-halal Campaigns

IMPACT: Anti-Halal campaigns in Australia have sought to remove or restrict Halal certification of food products in Australia, leading to public boycotting of Halal-certified brands and even a Senate Inquiry into third party food certification.... read the complete article