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30 Sep 2020

Today in Islamophobia: In the U.K, Muslim student stuck in self-isolation served ham sandwiches. In the U.S, a federal court overturns the Elmbrook School District’s ban for a Brookfield woman who called wearing masks ‘pagan rituals.’ In the first Presidential debate, Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists and militia members in affair marked by disputes over race. Our recommended read today is by Alice Speri on unredacted FBI documents showing white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement. This, and more, below:

United States

30 Sep 2020

Unredacted FBI Documents Sheds New Light on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement | Recommended Read

The FBI has long been concerned about the infiltration of law enforcement by white supremacist groups and its impact on police abuse and tolerance of racism, the unredacted version of a previously circulated document reveals. The FBI threat assessment report was released by Rep. Jamie Raskin, chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee, ahead of a hearing about the white supremacist infiltration of local police departments scheduled for Tuesday. read the complete article

Our recommended read of the day
30 Sep 2020

Four Black Muslim Models on What Fashion Means to Them

There’s a reckoning happening in the fashion industry, from brands committing to sustainability initiatives to brands donating and openly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Sure, some it might seem a bit performative considering fashion’s exclusionary and excess-filled history — but one of the best things to come out of fashion doing “good” is the doors that open for who gets to be in editorials, advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and magazine covers. It’s more size-inclusive, gender-inclusive, and race-inclusive. Even though there’s still a long way to go, it’s a win. read the complete article

30 Sep 2020

A federal court overturns the Elmbrook School District's ban for a Brookfield woman who called wearing masks 'pagan rituals'

A federal court has ruled in favor of a Brookfield woman who filed a lawsuit against the Elmbrook School District after she criticized masks, social distancing and Elmbrook School Board member Mushir Hassan at a board meeting Aug. 11. The U.S. Eastern District Court of Wisconsin ruled Sept. 25 that the school district could not ban Heidi Anderson from district property. The district's ban came after an Aug. 11 school board meeting at which Anderson said her children, whom she identified as Christian, should be exempt from the "pagan ritual" of wearing face coverings. Anderson also falsely claimed social distancing and mask wearing are not proven to be effective, and that both precautions represent "pagan rituals of satanic worshipers." After being told by school board president Scott Wheeler that defamatory comments should be avoided, Anderson directly addressed board member Hassan, who is Muslim. read the complete article

30 Sep 2020

Viral Video Spreads Unfounded Claim About Rep. Ilhan Omar and Voter Fraud

Videos released by the conservative activist group Project Veritas in the weeks leading up to the November 2020 U.S. general election accuse U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., of being connected to a so-called cash-for-ballot harvesting scheme, but lack evidence to support this accusation. read the complete article

United Kingdom

30 Sep 2020

University Covid crisis: Muslim student stuck in self-isolation served ham sandwiches

First year students stuck in self-isolation in university halls in Edinburgh have been served out of date food as coronavirus outbreaks disrupt the start of term. read the complete article

30 Sep 2020

Uighurs could be allowed to seek genocide ruling against China in UK

Uighurs and other Muslim minorities would be given the right to petition a UK high court judge to declare that genocide is taking place in China, requiring the UK government to curtail trade ties with Beijing, under proposals brought by MPs and peers. The cross-party parliamentary revolt is causing deep concern in government, where there are fears that judges and human rights campaigners could be empowered to throw UK-China trade relations into turmoil. The moves are being led by the former cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith but have broad cross-party support. read the complete article


30 Sep 2020

Babri Verdict Has Left Me Aghast, Says Narasimha Rao's Home Secretary

India’s former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole, who was in charge when the Babri mosque was demolished by mobs on 6 December 1992, is “aghast” at the Special CBI court’s judgment acquittingall who were accused of conspiring to carry out the demolition. “Quite frankly, I am aghast with this verdict because, firstly, a huge mosque of this size coming down within a period of five hours without any planning or without any preparation on the part of anybody is impossible to believe,” he said. “Secondly the fact that, after 28 years this decision has come, is a commentary on our judicial system, criminal law system.” read the complete article

30 Sep 2020

Amnesty International Shutters Offices in India, Citing Government Attacks

The human rights organization Amnesty International said on Tuesday that it had ceased its operations in India and laid off its entire staff in response to a series of government reprisals including the freezing of its bank accounts. read the complete article


30 Sep 2020

‘Safe zones’ plan shows Bangladesh is accepting Rohingya reality

The government of Bangladesh this week called on the international community to establish “safe zones” within Myanmar to allow for the Rohingya to safely return to the country of their birth. This is not likely to happen, but it does signal a welcome evolution on the part of the government of Bangladesh on the Rohingya situation. When the latest Rohingya crisis erupted in the second half of 2017 and hundreds of thousands of refugees poured over the border from Myanmar into Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, the Dhaka government misunderstood the situation and miscalculated its response. It assumed the situation would be temporary and that the issue could be resolved by negotiating with Myanmar to take the refugees back. read the complete article

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