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27 Nov 2020

Today in Islamophobia: A Danish minister has caused outrage among the Muslim minority for suggesting imams and community leaders should publicly support the “right” to have sex before marriage. In a new released report written by the Australian military’s inspector general, details of atrocities committed in Afghanistan by scores of Australian soldiers comes to light, and in the United States, Muslim fashion model Halima Aden quits modeling as she states the fashion industry forced her to compromise her beliefs. Our recommended read of the day is by Marwan Muhammad for Middle East Eye on how French politicians are recoding structural racism into ‘republican policies’, mainly targeting Muslim communities for short term political gain. This and more below:


26 Nov 2020

France is weaponising its 'republican values' as a means of exclusion

For the first time in our common history, Muslims are formally asked by the president to choose between "being with the Republic or not being with the Republic", as if there was a doubt about their loyalty to the country. As a French citizen, I’m always torn between the need to explain (and sometimes defend) the complexity of my country and the urge to raise awareness internationally, on what is actually going on here: an accelerated path to the far right’s political hegemony in the French political spectrum, as mainstream leaders recode structural racism into "republican policies", mainly targeting Muslim communities for short-term political gain. read the complete article

Our recommended read for the day
26 Nov 2020

Fact check: France has proposed that all school children be given ID numbers, not just Muslim kids

Social media users have claimed that Muslim children in France will be assigned identification numbers. This statement is misleading and misses context, as the country has proposed registering all school children with ID numbers, regardless of religion, to track and ensure their attendance at school. read the complete article

United Kingdom

26 Nov 2020

IPSO: press regulator’s ‘guidance’ for reporting on Muslims is not fit for purpose

It shouldn’t be controversial to say journalists have failed in reporting on Muslims and Islam in the UK. Inaccurate use of terms and frequently negative constructions can make the religion seem strange, dangerous, or simply not British. Scholars have shown how journalists frequently associate Islam with terrorism and extremism. Though the news is often “bad”, it is exceptionally so when it concerns Muslims. read the complete article


26 Nov 2020

Danish minister’s comment on sex before marriage angers Muslims

A Danish minister has caused outrage among the Muslim minority for suggesting imams and community leaders should publicly support the “right” to have sex before marriage for women. Mattias Tesfaye, foreign affairs and integration minister, said in a Facebook post last month, after meeting with some Muslim leaders: “I asked them very directly if they would say out loud and clear in public that Muslim women, of course, have the right to sex before marriage just like all other women.” read the complete article


24 Nov 2020

Australia is guilty of state-sponsored terrorism

The evidence of Australia’s guilt is beyond dispute. It can be found in a just released report written by the military’s inspector general which took four years to produce and which details atrocities committed by scores of Australian terrorists dressed as soldiers who murdered scores of Afghans. These home-grown terrorists in battle fatigues were recruited by Australia. read the complete article


26 Nov 2020

Quebec City mosque shooter: Canada court reduces sentence

Alexandre Bissonnette was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences last year for killing six people and seriously injuring five others. Quebec's highest court struck down the consecutive sentences, calling it "cruel and unusual". The appeal court's ruling means he will be eligible for parole in 25 years, instead of 40. Bissonnette turns 31 this week. read the complete article


26 Nov 2020

After backlash, Cagayan gov sorry for anti-Muslim remarks

Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba has apologized to the public after receiving backlash for an anti-Muslim remark in a post-typhoon hearing at the Senate. During Wednesday's joint hearing of five Senate committees on the impacts of Typhoon Ulysses, Mamba attributed the peace and order in Cagayan to the absence of Muslims in the province. read the complete article


26 Nov 2020


The US fashion model, who has worked on campaigns for fashion brands like Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and Kanye West's Yeezy, says she has made the decision because working in the fashion industry has forced her to compromise her religious beliefs. Writing on her Instagram stories, the model explained how she began to re-evaluate her modeling career after feeling as though she was losing her sense of self. She added that the coronavirus pandemic had given her the opportunity to reflect on her values and helped her realise that if she continued to work as a fashion model, she may stop embodying the values attached to her hijab “completely”. read the complete article

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