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02 Jul 2019

Today in IslamophobiaPrevent strategy inhibits free speech on college campuses, while Hindus and Muslims in India dispute over sacred religious ground. A man is charged after tweeting threats to lynch a Virginia State Senate candidate. Our recommended read for today is by Rashida Bibi on the UK conservative party’s complete denial of its Islamophobia problem. This, and more, below:

United Kingdom

02 Jul 2019

Conservative Party is in complete denial about its Islamophobia problem – just look at Boris Johnson if you need proof | Recommended Read

A recent poll showed that more than 43% of Conservative members would prefer not to have the country led by a Muslim. It also revealed that 67% of members believe the Islamophobic myth that areas of Britain operate under Sharia law. Sajid Javid never really stood a chance in this leadership contest. read the complete article

Our recommended read of the day
02 Jul 2019

Prevent is stopping free speech on campus and demonising Muslims

Recently published figures from the Office for Students showed that more than 2,000 events across Britain’s 300 or so higher education institutions have been affected by Prevent. While some events were allowed to take place with conditions attached, 53 events or speaker requests on campuses were rejected altogether by university authorities. read the complete article

02 Jul 2019

Prime Minister Boris would be bad news for Britain's Muslims

One thing is now disturbingly clear: Whoever leads the Conservative Party and the UK, will be presiding over a party that has dangerously radical and embedded Islamophobia within its ranks. The UK, and particularly England, has an Islamophobia problem that is now reaching a crisis point. read the complete article


02 Jul 2019

Under Modi, Hindus Find Hope for a Temple on Disputed Speck of Land

For decades, Hindus and Muslims have sparred over this speck of land in Ayodhya, India’s most disputed religious site, a few barren acres near the country’s northern farmlands. Now, many Hindus are confident the land will remain in their hands. read the complete article


02 Jul 2019

UN envoy will ‘ring the alarm bell’ if no action on Rohingya

Christine Schraner-Burgener was responding to frustrated speeches and questions from many countries — from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia to the United States — on the lack of progress in returning Rohingya nearly two years after they fled a violent crackdown by Myanmar’s military. read the complete article

United States

02 Jul 2019

Man charged with online threat to lynch Muslim candidate

A warrant for the arrest of Joseph Cecil Vandevere, 52, of Black Mountain, was issued after his June 20 indictment, federal court records show. Federal authorities hadn’t yet arrested Vandevere as of Monday afternoon, according to Lia Bantavani, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office for the western district of North Carolina. read the complete article

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