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01 Feb 2024

Today in Islamophobia: In India, mainstream media channels continue to propagate fake news and misrepresentations against the Indian Muslim community, supported by findings from a Boom Live analysis of news stories published in 2023, meanwhile in Canada, The National Council of Canadian Muslims abruptly canceled a scheduled meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in response to their view that the Canadian government has failed to protect Palestinians and has not taken substantial action against hate crimes, and across Europe, since the atrocities of October 7th and the ongoing onslaught against the people of Gaza, Islamophobia in the UK has surged 600% according to reporting published by Euronews. Our recommended read of the day is by Gloria Oladipo for The Guardian on a viral video surfacing online of two hijab wearing Muslim women being denied entry into an event hosted by the Biden Administration, an action which the individuals claim was discriminatory. This and more below:

United States

‘You singled us out’: women accuse Biden-Harris staff of Islamophobia for barring them from event | Recommended Read

Two women have accused Biden-Harris campaign staffers of Islamophobia, claiming they were profiled and disinvited from a campaign event because they were wearing hijabs. Staff with the campaign have since countered that the women were barred after disrupting other events held by Democratic leaders. The incident was captured on video and shared to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday by an account named Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation. The viral video, which has garnered over 2m views, shows an unidentified staffer for the Get the Vote Out event in Las Vegas on Saturday telling the women that they are not allowed to enter the venue. “We are choosing who’s going in and out of the event. I’m sorry,” the staffer said. read the complete article


The “Internal Orientalism” of Indian Media

The Indian media continue to spread Islamophobic discourse and misrepresent Muslims. To create religious animosity and demonize the minority Muslims, the mainstream media have again resorted to publishing fake news. This is a key finding of Boom Live analysis for the year 2023. In other contexts, the media used videos imported from outside India to depict Indian Muslims. The aim was to malign the image of Muslims and create a ground for anti-Muslim sentiments. They all contributed to keeping the fire of the Islamophobic narrative aflame. read the complete article


National Council of Canadian Muslims cancel meeting with Canadian PM

The National Council of Canadian Muslims abruptly canceled a scheduled meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The council accused the government of failing to protect Palestinians and not taking substantial action against hate crimes. Broken Promises and Unfulfilled Commitments: The cancellation stems from the perceived negligence of Prime Minister Trudeau in following through on promises made during the 2015 election campaign. Commitments included an increased effort to prosecute hate crimes and adequate funding for programs aimed at preventing such acts. The absence of tangible progress has left the Muslim community disillusioned and disappointed. read the complete article


Islamophobia is surging throughout Europe. Here’s how we stop it

It’s crucial for leaders and everyday people to unite in a remarkable effort to confront the pervasive hatred in our communities. It’s not just minorities that are at risk, it’s the Western world too, and our shared values of freedom, justice and equality, Naz Shah writes. Earlier this month, a plot between AfD party officials and neo-Nazis to deport millions of ethnic minorities from Germany was uncovered. But this conspiracy is part of a sinister undercurrent sweeping Europe and the wider Western world - one that goes hand-in-hand with a relentless surge in Islamophobia. Since the atrocities of 7 October and the ongoing onslaught against the people of Gaza, Islamophobia in the UK has surged 600%. read the complete article


Carmakers may be using aluminium made by Uyghur forced labour, NGO investigation finds

Car manufacturers Toyota, Volkswagen, Tesla, General Motors and BYD may be using aluminium made by Uyghur forced labour in their supply chains and could do more to minimise that risk, Human Rights Watch says. An investigation conducted by HRW has alleged that while most automotive companies have strict human rights standards to audit their global supply chains, they may not be applying the same rigorous sourcing rules for their operations inside China. This includes joint venture companies inside China that make models for foreign brands for just the local market and also those that manufacture cars for export and parts that are sent to automobile plants around the world. read the complete article

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