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Stephen Miller Factsheet

Factsheet: Stephen Miller

Published on 30 Nov 2018

IMPACT: Having worked with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an organization considered by many to be an anti-Muslim hate group, Stephen Miller now works as a Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump. He shapes policy that directly affects Muslims.

Stephen Miller is Senior Advisor to the President for Policy in the Trump administration.

With Steve Bannon, Miller wrote President Trump’s suspended executive order which many called a “Muslim ban.” According to Politico, he did not consult Senators or lawyers when drafting the order, which resulted in deportations and long detainments of individuals from Muslim-majority countries.

According to Politico, Miller wrote speeches for candidate and President Trump, including his Republican National Convention speech and his inaugural address, though Trump claims he wrote them himself. Some analysts have said that Miller is “the Trump speechwriter whose own voice is closest to Trump’s.”

While at Duke University from 2003-2007, he wrote a biweekly column for Duke’s The Chronicle. In one article, he wrote that “Islamic terrorists…have declared a death sentence on every man, woman and child living in this country.”

As a college student in 2007, Miller was the first national coordinator of the Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP), a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers the Freedom Center an anti-Muslim hate group. Horowitz, the center’s head, has been a “friend” to Miller since 2001.

TAP described its mission as making “students aware of the Islamic jihad and the terrorist threat, and to mobilize support for the defense of America and the civilization of the West.” Under Miller’s leadership, TAP organized and promoted “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” and ran an ad in Duke student newspaper, The Chronicle, that included phrases like “Jihad is…about the global rule of radical Islam.” Miller appeared on the program “Fox and Friends” to discuss TAP and its advertisement.

Richard Spencer, who leads the white nationalist National Policy Institute, claims he was a “mentor” to Miller, something Miller denies. According to Mother Jones the two men collaborated to bring Peter Brimelow, a white nationalist voice, to a Duke University debate event in 2007. Spencer has said the “expression of religious and ethnic identities by non-Europeans” is leading to “moral and cultural bankruptcy” in the West. Miller said he “condemn[s]” Spencer’s “rancid ideology.”

Miller previously served as a press secretary for Rep. Michele Bachmann, who often speaks of the “threat” of “radical Islam.” Miller was also the communications director for the then-Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Appointed U.S. Attorney General in 2017, Sessions once warned of the “totalitarian threat” of “radical Islam.”  The Atlantic reported that while he worked for Sessions, Miller collaborated with Breitbart and its former head, Steve Bannon.

Last Updated August 15, 2017