Attacks Against Muslims Surge After Chapel Hill Shooting

Published on 08 Jul 2015

Attacks Against Muslims Surge After Chapel Hill Shooting


Heading: Attacks Against Muslims Surge After Chapel Hill Shooting | The Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University | Published July 8 2015
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[1] The murders of 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill in February 2015 received national news coverage. But many other attacks on American Muslims have occurred in recent months with little to no media attention
[2-L] Murders before Chapel Hill: 2 ; Murders since Chapel Hill: 6
[2-M] Physical attacks before Chapel Hill: 2; Physical attacks since Chapel Hill: 4
[2-R] Threats to mosques before Chapel Hill: 2′ Threats to mosques since Chapel Hill: 12
[3-M] Mosque vandalisms before Chapel Hill: 1; Mosque vandalisms since Chapel Hill: 6
[3-R] Other vandalisms of Muslim property before Chapel Hill: 2; Other vandalisms of Muslim property after Chapel Hill: 9

Text box [L]: One shooting before Chapel Hill, one arson after Chapel Hill; 4 Verbal Assaults since Chapel Hill. In most cases, perpetrators showed guns to Muslims
Text box [R]: Hindu temples, schools, and Muslim- owned businesses were also targeted with anti- Muslim graffiti. 3 homes owned by Muslims were also targeted
Text box [Bottom Right]: These incidents were reported by local & national news outlets

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Heading: Takeaways

[1-L] In December 2014, a 15- year old was run over by an SUC in Kansas City. The FBI is investigating the murder as a possible hate crime. The alleged perpetrator, Ahmed Aden, had a history of making anti- Muslim comments.
[1] Since December 2014, at least nine Muslims have been murdered in the U.S & Canada. Some cases are being investigated to determine whether or not anti- Muslim bias was a motive.
[2] Incidents targeting Muslims were already at high levels before Chapel Hill, but spiked afterward. Today, American Muslims are five-times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than they were before 9/11. Source: FBI bias incident statistics

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