Austria’s Operation Luxor: Anti-terrorism or Islamophobia?

Published on 19 May 2022
Bridge Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Farid Hafez was interviewed in this May 18, 2022 documentary by Al Jazeera. “Operation Luxor: Anti-terrorism or Islamophobia?” investigates the November 2020 dawn police raids in Austria, which targeted the homes of nearly 70 Muslim activists, religious leaders, and scholars, including the private residence of Dr. Hafez.

During the raids, dubbed “Operation Luxor,” the Austrian authorities interrogated individuals exclusively on matters of faith, asking questions such as “Do you pray?” and “How often do you pray?” The documentary also cites Bridge’s factsheet on Lorenzo Vidino, as Al Jazeera notes that the Austrian government utilized Vidino’s research as evidence to support the raids. Vidino also served as a witness against the suspects during these investigations.

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