05 Jan 2024 | Individuals

Netherlands’ Top Islamophobe Wins 2023 Election

“Islam is not a religion; it’s an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture,” once said Dutch politician Geert Wilders whose far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) shockingly won the most number of parliamentary seats in the recent November 2023 election in the Netherlands. Known by many as the Dutch version of Donald Trump, this former fringe politician is now  poised to possibly become the next prime minister, which is sending shockwaves to millions of minorities living in the Netherlands today. read the complete article

24 Aug 2018 | Individuals

Factsheet: Geert Wilders

A prominent politician in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has decried what he calls the “Islamization” of the Netherlands and advocates a ban on the Qur’an. He believes Islam is a problem and promotes anti-Muslim tropes, namely that Islam is not a religion; it is a totalitarian and violent ideology. His alarmist, discriminatory, and racist rhetoric paints all Muslims as violent individuals who seek to dominate Europe. read the complete article