person with short cropped, dark brown hair looks directly in the camera, smiling. The person, who is wearing a grey-colored sweatshirt and black jacket, hold a sign that reads, “I am against the Muslim Ban because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” In the background is an overcast sky and a red-brick building.
Published on 18 Jan 2019

In my opinion, the Muslim Ban is preposterous because at the end of the day there is an interrelatedness in our humanity, and if we reject or discriminate against one type of people we are ultimately rejecting all of us as a whole. The chickens eventually come home to roost. And at the end of the day we’re denying someone their humanity, and we’re doing so with this Muslim Ban. All it does is perpetuate hatred in our world and globalize hatred, and I think that that is one of the purveyors of injustice that this world can see.