22 Mar 2019 | Individuals

FACTSHEET: Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston is an anti-Muslim blogger and activist in Canada who ran for mayor of Mississauga with a   pending hate crime charge against a Muslim community in Ontario, Canada. Johnston has owned, operated, and maintained websites, online media publications, and multiple social media accounts, which he has utilized to promote and reinforce his anti-Muslim activities and networks. read the complete article

22 Mar 2019 | Politics


Polls and surveys from 2004 to 2017 measuring public opinions in Canada on issues related to anti-Islamophobia legislation, niqab bans, and the prevalence of Islamophobia in Canadian society, have found that most Canadians acknowledge that Islamophobia is a problem in Canada, yet most Canadians hold unfavorable views about Islam and Muslims, and most are open to policies that would single out Muslims for heightened regulation and monitoring in public spaces. read the complete article

09 Mar 2019

Factsheet: Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy is a Canadian right-wing political commentator who became popular due to her show on The Rebel Media. Goldy uses her social media platforms to promote anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and xenophobic views while propagating the concept of ‘white genocide.’ read the complete article

09 Mar 2019

Factsheet: Soldiers of Odin

The Soldiers of Odin are an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant group founded in Finland. The group has numerous chapters across North America and is known for acting as unwanted street-patrols and spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric across their social media pages. read the complete article

09 Mar 2019

Factsheet: Ron Banerjee & Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Ron Banerjee is a Canadian anti-Muslim activist who has protested against religious accommodations for Muslim schoolchildren, and who organizes anti-Islam and anti-Muslims rallies throughout Canada. Banerjee steers Hindu organizations that are anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh, often in coordination with other Islamophobic groups and activists in Canada. read the complete article