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Presidential Candidates and Mosque Visits: A Powerful Gesture of Solidarity to American Muslims

It is critical to call out demagogues and bigots and to hold them accountable to their Islamophobic statements. It is equally critical to highlight the peacemakers and the bridge builders. The latter might sound a bit na├»ve in the context of this presidential election cycle, but for many American Muslim citizens and communities, public acts […]

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Islamophobia in 2015: The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful

Looking back at the last twelve months, it can initially appear that Islamophobia was pretty bad in 2015. And indeed it was. Attacks against Muslims in the United States and their institutions have occurred in rapid succession. Meanwhile, leading politicians and the voting public have expressed increasingly anti-Muslim views. Even though FBI hate crime statistics [...]

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Islamophobia in the 2016 Elections

[This piece was originally published on April 25, 2015. The candidates statements are updated frequently, and the introduction was updated in January 2016.]

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