Bobby Jindal is Peddling Islamophobia. That Has Dangerous Consequences


In his January 31, 2015 column in the Daily Beast, “Bobby Jindal’s Anti-Muslim Jihad,” comedian and writer Dean Obdeidallah calls out Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal on his inflammatory rhetoric about Muslims. On a conservative radio program, Obeidallah recounts, Jindal gave life to the falsehood that Muslim-majority “no-go zones” exist in Europe and the United States, and advanced the misguided notion that Muslims haven’t denounced terrorism committed in the name of their religion. Jindal also “claimed that Muslim immigration is part of an ‘invasion,’ with the goal being to ‘colonize’ America and impose Islamic law. Jindal added that Muslims, even American ones like me, ‘want to use our freedoms to undermine that freedom in the first place.’” Jindal’s rhetoric worries Obeidallah:

“Telling people that Muslim Americans—not the terrorists or radicals—are plotting to destroy America from within is more than wrong, [is] potentially dangerous … Jindal’s new rhetoric, if it goes unchallenged, could result in increased hatred, discrimination, and even potential violence against American Muslims.”

Obeidallah was right. Less than two weeks after he published this piece, three Muslim American college students were gunned down in what many are calling a hate crime. In the days and weeks following that attack, many other Islamophobic attacks occurred around the country, which in some cases also resulted in deaths but did not receive national media coverage. Read more of Obeidallah’s warning against Islamophobic rhetoric at The Daily Beast, where this piece was originally published on January 31, 2015.

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